jueves, 3 de julio de 2014

Summer Work!

So as soon as I was out of school. I knew I had to find a job just for the summer because I want to buy a Macbook. 

So this was my plan: find a job, get it, work for two months & buy my Macbook. 

My aunt offerd me a job at her exchange store, so I've working there for one month now. 

It was really weird at first, start to get how do you note everysingle thing you do with the money & how it goes & bla bla $$ 
Some days are reallt busy ( usually Monday & Tuesday) & some day is death...

Lucky I've got Wifi & it doesnt get too bored with that. 

Got one more month left & I'll buy my Macbook which makes me really happy! :D 

Thanks for reading.