lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

My Saturday & Sunday :)

So this is how I looked on Saturday night, it is finally getting colder in here :)
And here we are, Karla came from Zacatecas this weekend so it was a must to go out with here this weekend, we were goofing around been really stereotypical with the hair " mustage" Karla is on the left, and Fanny on the right. 

Okay and so today Sunday, was a really nice day :)

at the end of the day I start reading this book called "Un Mundo Mejor" from Aldous Huxley  wich is for Spanish class, this book is kinda boring so I've been really slow when it comes to reading it, but tonight at chapter V found this really nice quote :) 

Thanks for reading,                                                                                      Sofia :)