viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Walks in the city & a Burger!

Yesterday took Molly for another 2hr walk around the city as I've being doing since last Sunday. i'ts so nice to just like go straig forward and keep going next to an incredible animal like her. 

Later on mom came along with us & decide to buy some burgers, so we stood there for like 15 minues waiting for the burgers, & they forgot the fries XD 

Tonight I had to create one poster to motivate student to speak in class, so I came up with this designe but at first it came out girly so I decide to make like a neutral one. Don't know whic one to print and take to class because I like them both.. problem..problem. 

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miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Things to do at your 20's

This guy is one of my favorite Youtubers,  he's Mexican & talks about stuff about life, movies, series, books, & many other stuff.  He's pretty cool & handsome.

Saw this video that he posted today, & I must say that I do appreciate the work that he's doing, 'cause I can  related to what he's saying, & way of thinking & feel a little better about some thing that I've got in my life at this moment.

Thanks for reading, ! :)

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

German Shepherd Rocks as Jogging Partners
So today was such an earlier morning, began with watching the Men's Olympic Hockey Final between Sweden & Canada, Hela Svergie !

It was so sad that Sweden lost :(
Later on after breakfast ( just cheerios) went with my dad to pick up Molly my uncle's German Shepherd, who is so big & such a cutie. Was so easy to walk her she is so easy going & not agressive at all, we went around a square at down town <3

I think this has been my best idea of the month to ask to take her out ‘cause she lives around the corner, & have I said that she is such a cutie! :D obsessed with her. <3<3<3

Well this sunday has being pretty good, skyped with one of my bestfriend & we saw Teen Wolf which is getting pretty weird. love that Stiles has a more  “important” character ?  Don’t know about that.

Hope you all have a good sunday.
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domingo, 9 de febrero de 2014

Things I Like & Wish list Sunday !

Things I Like:

I Discovered that we got Boba Tea House where I live. So I've being going twice this week to get one. I have onyl tried Mango Green tea &  Honey Dew Green tea, they are just delicous ! 
Too Cute! 
This show has being on the aire for a long time but I just start watching it, and it's just lovely to get away from everything and just watch this adorable creatures.

Whis List! 

1-Really want to get the Bb prête à poudre for help my oily hair.
2- I'm a really fan of The Sims, so I want the check out the new one.
3- Love Sofia Coppola's movies, and The Bling Ring was not the exception.
4-  I just thing it's really important to get Wreck this Journal.

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viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Boba ! :D

Hey There! 

Yes I took that photo from my Instagram, gonna try to post the origanel here better.

On Tuesday I started my new semester of college. Had to start in a new classroom, meaning new classmates to avoid (haha joke), kinda cool to get to meet new classmates.

So today it's Thursday and we finally had our English class, which was  extremely disappointing. The teacher was pretty cool & actually optimistic, simply I found it pretty boring because I saw those lessons loooooong time ago (barely 6 years).

Really hope the lessons get more interesnting to me, guess that will depend more on me ;) 

At noon went with my Mom to the mall, and bought that delicious  Mango Boba Green tea!

Thanks for reading Sofia.
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