lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

German Shepherd Rocks as Jogging Partners
So today was such an earlier morning, began with watching the Men's Olympic Hockey Final between Sweden & Canada, Hela Svergie !

It was so sad that Sweden lost :(
Later on after breakfast ( just cheerios) went with my dad to pick up Molly my uncle's German Shepherd, who is so big & such a cutie. Was so easy to walk her she is so easy going & not agressive at all, we went around a square at down town <3

I think this has been my best idea of the month to ask to take her out ‘cause she lives around the corner, & have I said that she is such a cutie! :D obsessed with her. <3<3<3

Well this sunday has being pretty good, skyped with one of my bestfriend & we saw Teen Wolf which is getting pretty weird. love that Stiles has a more  “important” character ?  Don’t know about that.

Hope you all have a good sunday.
Thanks for reading :)

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